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The Partnership Parenting Project

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What is “Partnership Parenting”?

Partnership Parenting is a way of nurturing children and navigating parenthood that prioritizes connection, cooperation, creativity, trust, and unconditional love.

A partnership is a group of two or more autonomous individuals who live or work together in mutually beneficial ways. This dynamic is a part of human nature, which means that children are “wired” to be in partnership with their parents. Partnership empowers parents and children to grow and thrive together joyfully — without the fear-based, authoritarian controls that damage parent-child relationships.

Partnership Parenting combines the best of “authoritative” and “permissive” parenting styles by honoring the intrinsic authority, freedom, and responsibility of each partner — adults and children — without resorting to coercion (“power-over”) or being coerced (“power-under”). Age-appropriate levels of freedom and responsibility allow children to develop their true inner authority. And children are more likely to follow the guidance of parents and other elders who express their own inner authority skillfully — not as controlling dictators but as leader-servants — especially when trust and healthy attachment bonds have been maintained.

Parents who practice Partnership Parenting often report deep gratitude and satisfaction with the long-term results of their decision to enact this trustful, heart-centered, creative approach. However, there are significant challenges that must be faced by those who aspire to parent the partnership way. It requires courage, commitment, and a significant shift in consciousness: learning to see life through the lens of partnership. The benefits of this shift go well beyond parenting as other types of relationships are similarly transformed, including one’s relationship with oneself, with nature, and with Spirit.

The Partnership Parenting Project provides free information, resources, guidance, and support for parents and caregivers who are committed to this truly rewarding path, as well as those who are new to Partnership Parenting, with numerous topics including...

  • Partnership Parenting basics

  • Working with human nature instead of fighting it

  • Rethinking discipline, punishment, and rewards

  • Creating win-win solutions that work for the whole partnership

  • Parental self-care, personal development, and sovereignty

  • Educational choices that align with partnership principles

  • Emotional intelligence and co-regulation (children and parents)

  • Parenting in the digital age, screen time, social media

  • Partnership approaches to nutrition and health

  • Partnership as a spiritual principle and practice

  • Creating communities of support for Partnership Parenting

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Better parenting through connection, creativity, cooperation, and trust. (Coming this Fall, 2022)


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